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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

About Us

MarZ Compost is a waste management start-up based in Lubumbashi, DRC. We offer waste collection and produce compost from household and agricultural waste. The starting point is the collection and sorting of waste. Biodegradable waste is used to make compost and sold to farmers and gardeners. The company also aspires to raise public awareness of the importance of responsible waste management and to promote sustainable agriculture. Therefore, MarZ compost solves problems related to poor environmental conditions and potential threats to public health caused by poor waste management and soil degradation problems.

Our vision:

Combat insalubrity and divert 70% of the waste that ends up in public landfills. In addition, we seek to promote sustainable agriculture and encourage farmers to use organic amendment (compost).

Our goals :

● Raise environmental awareness with regard to waste management in general and the sorting of waste at source in particular,

● Improve environmental sanitation through regular and reliable waste collection service,

● Produce and market compost produce from biodegradable waste,

● Create employment,

● Contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

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